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Looking for engineering consultants to help with your real estate project or your asset insurance? It’s important you find an engineering consultant you like and trust. Equally, it’s crucial for us to collaborate with clients who value the service we offer, and who understand the benefits of working with consultants able to combine internationally recognized safety design and insurance design approaches in line with local technical, legislative, and individual project-related requirements. We also value the cooperation with clients whose projects are of a size and scope fit for us to provide our services cost-effectively.


We are located at driving distance from cities of Vienna, Budapest, or Prague. You will find us on the outskirts of Bratislava in a quiet residential area of Rača district, easily accessible from any direction. Don't hesitate and visit us when you're around.


Please tell us more about your project or ideas for collaboration by introducing a brief description, and other relevant details in the form.

We'll be more then willing to help and will reply with some additional information to get us started. We can also schedule a consultation to review your project in detail.