Our Vision

We believe that a sound risk management system is the key management system that can help companies control and manage uncertainty related to randomness, fuzziness, or incompleteness of information when facing important challenges of real estate, construction and insurance industry, among which increasing complexity, underdeveloped integrity, and high failure costs are the most important.

The risk management system should be in place to help companies in their decision-making process related to what is only assumed and uncertain. In order to provide us with sound and realistic view, the risk management system should be closely linked to knowledge and quality management systems of companies that are traditionally helpful in the decision-making process related to what is considered as existing and certain.

We understand risk management as a communication bridge between technical and management systems of projects and companies. The technical systems language is the mathematical one of statistics and finite element analysis. Its human language equivalent is that of dealing with the inherently different risk perceptions of professionals and other involved parties.