Our Team

We understand that every project is unique, and we therefore always strive for choosing the right team. Our core team is composed of engineering and risk management professionals capable of delivering our services throughout the CEE region, and beyond.

Given our approach is multidisciplinary and multi-risk one, we are used to work with specialist teams from various industry branches including fire safety, construction, real estate, and insurance.

Thanks to our local and international partnership networks, we have access to experts from a broad variety of industries that can be of valuable support in case there is a need for providing complex or highly specialized tasks.

Pavel Hruškovič

Managing Partner and Risk Consultant

Pavel Hruškovič holds Civil Engineering degree in Faculty of Civil Engineering at Slovak Technical University of Bratislava, and PhD degree with title of honour “Doctor Europeus” at Civil Engineering School of Technical University of Madrid.

Pavel has been involved in risk engineering, insurance, and applied research within the field of risk management since the start of his professional career in 2005. Throughout his career, he has been servicing numerous clients from a broad variety of industry sectors.

His mother's tongue is Slovak, he is fluent in English and Spanish.

Pavol Hruškovič

Senior Engineering Advisor

Pavol Hruškovič holds Industrial Engineering degree at Faculty of Industrial Engineering of Slovak Technical University of Bratislava.

At the course of his professional career that started in 1977, he has been involved in broad range of roles and responsibilities. He has worked in the development of complex production and assembly lines including welding, cutting and drilling, and later founded a company that produces form work systems for construction industry.

His mother's tongue is Slovak; he writes and speaks German and Russian.