Our Services

We offer asset risk engineering and risk management services to a broad variety of companies from different sectors of industry including commercial real estate, insurance, manufacturing, logistics, and construction. Our services help to improve the overall safety architecture of your company through these following main benefits:

  • Identified and evaluated insurable and non-insurable property risks.
  • Construction, technological and operational safety and security-related red flags and suggested opportunities for improvement.
  • Improved negotiating position during the acquisition/due-diligence process.
  • Improved decision-making support for your cost-on-safety optimization process.
  • Improved insurance design & analysis process.
  • Improved input data for property insurance underwriting process.
  • More competitive and more accurate insurance rates.
  • Possibility for lower deductibles and wider coverage options.
  • Preventing further aggravation of loss to your asset.
  • Eliminated or reduced possibility of loss recurrence.
  • Input for optimization of your claims handling and loss recovery procedures.


Commercial Asset Risk Engineering service pack

The core of our services is represented by Commercial Asset Risk Engineering (CARE) service pack consisting of three independent services that are specifically designed to meet fundamental needs of asset risk management during a typical life cycle of commercial real estate asset, namely at the Pre-Construction, Pre-Acquisition, or Post-Loss stage.


Specialized services

Do you have a proper property insurance or business interruption cover in case of loss? Do you need assistance in choosing optimum fire protection system for your asset? Do you know how to fulfill recommendations of your insurer on effective site protection against the river flood? We are ready to help you responding to these and many other risk engineering and risk management questions.


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