PLRA Post-loss Risk Assessment

Have you experienced a loss or serious damage to your property? Do you consider losses as too frequent, or unacceptable to happen again under same conditions? Are you concerned about what to do next? If so, our PLRA service could be your choice - Re-assessment of risk after a loss event can ensure full consideration is given to any measures that can eliminate or reduce the possibility of its recurrence or further aggravation in the future. We will help your company identify Opportunities for Improvement that will help reduce the value of loss-related risk to an acceptable level.

When to use PLRA?

  • After experiencing a property loss of unacceptable impact.
  • After experiencing frequent or repeated property loss from the same type of peril.

Asset related risks

  • Selected Fire, Lightning, Explosion, and Aircraft (FLEXA) and security risks, depending on the nature of the loss.
  • Selected natural hazards, such as earthquake, river flood, flash flood, hailstorm, extreme wind, landslide, extreme snow, and others, depending on the nature of the loss.

Scope of work

  • Data gathering.
  • Site survey of damaged asset.
  • Risk analysis and evaluation.
  • PLRA report writing.


  • Red Flag report including list of all important risks and follow-up Opportunities for Improvement.
  • Opinion on Risk & Opportunities for Improvement.
  • Insurance Underwriting & Loss Estimates report.


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